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Axis Incubator is a creative support and skills development programme that helps very ambitious people with long-term employment or create successful business.


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We have helped many ambitious people launch new and promising careers

Olajumoke Abdulazeez
UI/UX Designer
Khadija Abdul
Social Media Strategist
Chukwuka Owora
Technical System Engineer
Seyi Ayinla
Digital Entrepreneur
"Axis Incubator made me valuable - I am now confident in myself more than ever."

I feel so blessed to be among the first set of AI. At first all I was after was to get a job and get paid. AI did not just get me a job, they made me valuable and I am now confident in myself more than ever. The classes were demanding and I was able to learn a lot.

Olajumoke Abdulazeez
UI/UX Designer, PocketMoni
"Axis Incubator gave me a platform to jump start my career."

I had been a technical operation personnel for over three years and was looking to make the switch to Product Design and Engineering. Going through the AI program was one of the best decisions I made in the process of switching careers. Axis Incubator gave me a platform to jump start my career.

Chukwuka Owora
Support System Engineer, TEDx Lagos

Available Incubator Programs

Our programs are designed to help you elevate your earning potential and launch your career.

Digital Marketing for Business

Master building customer-led digital marketing strategies that deliver business results — regardless of industry or company size — in this hands-on, course.

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Advanced Microsoft Office Training

Acquire skills in Microsoft Office packages and use on jobs or services, regardless of industry or company size — gain all benefits in this hands-on, course.

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Complete Wordpress Training For Beginners

Learn how to build a website or blog - how to install WordPress and configure it for SEO, create an e-commerce website, and publish your images and posts with the open-source WordPress content management system.

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Creative Entrepreneurial Boost (CEB)

Learn how to solve problems and create a business around it, using high level data analytics problem-solving strategy + online system that is tested and proven for business growth.

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Introduction to Data Science/Machine Learning

Acquire new skills for building data to help you reach your career goals today. The ability to turn data into insights is one of the most sought-after skills anyone could have in today's big data world.

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Creative Entrepreneurial Boost (CEB)

Complete Wordpress Training For Beginners

Data Science/Machine Learning

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Digital Marketing

Microsoft Office Training

We are on a mission to close the gap between unemployment and entry-level jobs and businesses in Nigeria

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